Depending on what region of Nigeria, this corn and plantain snack is recornized by different names (Ikara,akara agbado,ekoka,akara akpu,kango oniyo,ugbeke).

It is a very tasty snack with a crunchy exterior that leaves you wanting more. Best eaten with coconut and can serve as a snack at anytime of the days. And your body gets nourished at the same time as corn is a good source of dietary fibre,vitamins and minerals.

  • 750 ml yellow corn powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 large plantain (must be over ripe)
  • pinch salt
  • 500 ml palm kernel oil (enough to deep fry)
  1. Take your corn to the mill unless you plan to burn your blender engine as dried corn gets very hard.

    Grind to a fine but not powdered consistency.

    Place grinded corn in a deep bowl then add salt and grinded pepper. Then mix well with your hand.

    Blend your overripe plantain to a smooth paste and add to the corn mix.(it is best to use a food processor so no water is added).

    (No water is added,the plantain paste acts as the liquid to make the corn moldable). And it should be a strong mold. (So control the plantain paste as you hard)

    Mold and place on a tray and then deep fry in preheated palm oil until the color changes and it hardens.

    Note: it must be deep fried! And the palm oil has to be hot before dropping the molds in.


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