Jollof Rice (Stir Fried Method)


Jollof rice (stir fried method)

Serves 7-8
Prep time 2 hours
Cook time 1 hour, 30 minutes
Total time 3 hours, 30 minutes
Meal type Main Dish
Misc Child Friendly, Freezable, Pre-preparable, Serve Hot
Occasion Birthday Party, Casual Party, Christmas, Easter, Formal Party, Thanksgiving
Region Nigerian


  • 1kg fresh red tomatoes (grinded)
  • 200g fresh scotch bonnet pepper (grinded)
  • 2 Large onion bulb (grinded)
  • 3 leaves bayleaves
  • 2 heaped tablespoons white pepper (powder)
  • 1l vegetable oil
  • 2 Large carrots/optional (diced)
  • 2 Large bell pepper/optional (diced)
  • 200ml meat stock (well seasoned with ginger,garlic,nutmeg..)
  • green beans/optional
  • 1 Small onion (sliced)
  • 1 packet tomato puree
  • 1kg rice (par-boiled)
  • seasoning
  • salt


be sure to use a well seasoned meat stock. In my opinion,the meat stock makes or breaks the taste of any jollof. Preferably, season meat-stock seasoned with garlic, ginger, nutmeg,curry,seasoning and salt.


Step 1
par-boil rice and rinse out all the whitish starchy water. Rinse the par-boiled rice in tap water until it is completely cold. and then pour in a sieve to drain out. This stage is very important!!!! if your jollof rice would look soggy instead of grainy, it starts at this stage.important step to note
Step 2
pour the blended tomato,pepper and onions in a pot and add the tomato puree and stir to mix. Please note that you have to do this before setting the pot on the fire. if the tomato mix is already on the fire before you mix in your tomato puree, it would splash as it boils and quickly get burnt without drying out completely and do not cover the pot to allow the vapor out. important steps to note
Step 3
allow the tomato mix boil until completely dried but not burnt.Take note never to stir the tomato mix in the process of boiling. you just need to allow it boil. Important step to note
Step 4
Add vegetable oil in a deep pot that can contain the rice mix and set on the fire to heat up. Then add few slices of onions and allow to fry for 1-2minutes. Note that the vegetable oil should be enough to fry the boiled tomato mix.
Step 5
pour in the boiled tomato mix and start stirring to fry. you need to fry until the tomato comes together and looks like fried stew
Step 6
Add very little water to the diced vegetables in a little pot and put on the fire. allow to boil for 1minute and set aside
Step 7
add the meat stock to the fried tomato and fry for another 3minutes
Step 8
take a bowl and dish out a little from this fried tomato and set.Just like fried rice making method, this tomato would be used to fry the rice at the final stage
Step 9
use a sieve and sieve into the fried tomato, the little water from the boiled vegetables you set aside
Step 10
stir and add seasoning and salt
Step 11
then add some hot water to the fried tomato and stir. you do not need to add much water at this stage.
Step 12
pour in the par-boiled rice and quickly mix. And add more water if need. the water level should be just slightly above the is very important to quickly mix the rice in at this stage and stop stirring before the mix begins to boil as this is another vital stage that can cause a soggy rice that starts burning under but yet to dry untop.
Step 13
drop the bay leaves into the pot
Step 14
cover the pot. and make sure to leave it unstirred until it is completely dried from top to bottom. Reduce the heat at the last stage of drying to avoid the rice burning underneath. If the rice is stirred at this stage before it is completely dried, you end up with soggy looking jollof rice.important step to note.
Step 15
when top and bottom gets dried completely, stir well to mix.taste for seasoning.
Step 16
put a large frying pan on the fire and add very little vegetable oil
Step 17
add little fried tomato from the one you set aside,add little white pepper powder and very little seasoning(at this stage you can adjust the seasoning). you can add more seasoning if needed or leave out if rice is over seasoned already.
Step 18
then add part of the rice and mix well with the tomato
Step 19
add in part of the par-boiled carrot,green beans,bell pepper
Step 20
stir fry for 2minutes and pour in a dish and repeat from step 16 until you are done with entire rice.
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  1. Good afternoon chef sekinat… Well-done may Almighty enrich u.. More wisdom, knowledge Insha Allah, I really like this method but how do I use it for a larger portion please…

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Aderonke. In response to your question, for larger portions, all you need is a bigger pan (like Aduga pan) to fry the rice in the tomato sauce in large batches and pour into a cooler. However, if this method seems too hectic to you for a very large portion, you can use the straight method without frying

  2. Thumbs up. Very well explained. Hoping this will help me perfect my jollof rice.
    My only issue is the pepper measurement. I never get them right. Could u roughly place a number for like how many tomaoes for the 1kg in pureed form? Same as the scotch bonnet. thanks a lot

    • Hello Zee, again this would be based on the size of the tomatoes and the amount of the pepper would depend on how hot the pepper your are using is. As some peppers are hotter than others.